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About Us
Paddlemasters Pickleball Club, Osoyoos BC


To continually promote both the growth of competitive pickleball and personal excellence for each athlete in a respectful, supportive and safe environment. We believe pickleball is more than just a game; it is a way to enjoy life, promote personal growth and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


The Paddlemasters Pickleball Club is committed to the improvement and goals of competitive pickleball players and coaches in the Osoyoos area. It is the goal for all participants to nurture their love for pickleball, to develop as players who are fundamentally and technically sound, and to be able to play against the best competition locally, regionally and nationally.


• Passion: endeavor to instill love for the sport that encourages pickleball for life
• Respect: promote ethical behavior, fair play and respect for the game and all its participants
• Integrity: act in a fair, consistent and transparent manner
• Dedication: members are expected to make a commitment to the club
• Excellence: provide sessions for players to reach their personal athleticism potential.


Our group is comprised of advanced, competitive players that are 4.0+ skill levels.


Entry to the group is based on both rated ability and scheduled time availability. Any players that are 4.0+ should contact Paul Couch. Serious players that are committed to developing their game are also welcome to contact Paul.


Paul Couch, Co-chair
Paul has been involved in athletics all his life and was named “Best All-Around Male Athlete” in his senior year after being a top player in basketball, volleyball and soccer at the AAA high school level.  In his 20s, Paul discovered racquet sports and became an avid tennis and pickleball player while living in Vancouver.  His passion for both continued after moving to Osoyoos.  Paul plays pickleball competitively at the 5.0 level and has played with top players from across the province.
Do you want to play with our group? Contact Us